(updated 7/17/17)


AD Liaison

Coaches Chairperson


Todd Wilkinson, BC

Chris Anderson, BAC


Joy Couch, Conv.

Chad Lister, NGU (M) | Wendy Lee, UMO (W)

Cross Country/ Track & Field (Indoor & Outdoor)

Craig McPhail, LMC

Nick Rackewich, BAC (XC) & Greg Theil, SWU (OT&F), Matt van Lierop, UMO (IT&F)


Stephen Miss, BAC                        

Jason Gault, BAC (M & W)


Mike Cerino, LC 

Chris Barrett, BAC (M) | TBD, (W)



Eric Alsop, LC (M) & TBD (W)


David Hicks, KU

Brooke McGraw, BAC

Swimming & Diving David Hicks, KU Corey White, Conv


Mark Peeler, EC

Calhoun Parr, ER

Women's Volleyball

Sheila Crockett, KU 

Jeff Lennox, BC

Men's Volleyball

Jeff Eisen, UMO

Ryan Booher, KU


Jan McDonald, NGU 

Travis Chell, KU


Chris Williams, SWU

Kristen Gibson, UMO

Compliance Officers TBD TBD
Fundraising & Marketing TBD TBD



Committee Responsibilities

AD Committee Make-Up

Administrative, Awards & Marketing

Compliance, Professional Development, Strategic Planning (including scholarship & equivalencies), Officials Fundraising, Promotions, Publicity, Special Events, Sponsors, Sports Information

*Couch –Conv., Cerino -LC, Reasso -PFU, Miss -BAC


Accomplishment Recognition, Sports Committee Recommendations, Sport Growth & Development, Scheduling, Tournament Date & Site Selection

*Eisen -UMO, McPhail -LMC, Peeler -EC, Williams - SWU

Student-Athlete Affairs

Academics (various honors recognition), Community Engagement & Service, Life Skills, Make-a-Wish, SAAC, Sportsmanship, Athletic Training (including drug testing & education)

*Hicks –KU, McDonald -NGU, Moorman - EM




Sports Committee Liaisons
Roles & Responsibilities

1)       The role of the liaison is to assist the committee chair and the entire committee:
          a)  Identify concerns and issues to be discussed
          b)  Insure the concern receives input from coaches conference-wide
          c)  Explain any suggestion(s) to the Athletic Directors

2)       The role is not to take the place of the sport committee chair or committee members

3)       The liaison will insure that each sport committee:
          a)  Meets at least annually.
          b)  Via the sports chair distributes to all member coaches minutes which include recommendations to the Athletic Directors Committee.
          c)  Via the sports chair, distributes the approved sports policy prior to the start of each season.
          d)  Submits recommendations to the Athletic Directors Committee within the approved time frame.
          e)  Has a committee representative attend the Athletic Directors Committee meeting at which recommendations will be discussed.