2010-2011 Conference Carolinas Records



Joby Hawn Cup Winner (Overall):  Queens University of Charlotte:
Men's Winner:
Women's Winner: Queens
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Messick Award Winner (Overall): Converse College:

Individual Messick Award Winners (by Sport):
Softball: Queens University of Charlotte
Baseball: Barton College
Women’s Tennis: Converse College
Men’s Tennis: Belmont Abbey College
Women’s Golf: Limestone College
Men’s Golf: Queens University of Charlotte
Women’s Lacrosse: Lees-McRae College
Men’s Lacrosse: Queens University of Charlotte
Women’s Track & Field: Queens University of Charlotte
Men’s Track & Field: Barton College
Women’s Basketball: Belmont Abbey College
Men’s Basketball: Limestone College
Women’s Volleyball: Erskine College
Women’s Soccer: Converse College
Women’s Cross Country: - Belmont Abbey College
Men’s Cross Country: Lees-McRae College
Men’s Soccer: Queens University of Charlotte



Alan Sharp Award Winner: Converse



Murphy Osborne Award Winner:   
Jocelyn Smith, Erskine College

Ridge Pruitt, Barton College
Ian Parry, Belmont Abbey College
Amanda Warner, Coker College
Jocelyn Smith, Erskine College
Martha Peacock, Lees-McRae College
Emily Wallace, Limestone College
Brittany Miller, Mount Olive College
Sara McCormack, Pfeiffer University
Caitlin O’Rourke, Queens University of Charlotte
Becky Brandenburg, St. Andrews Presbyterian College



Athlete of the Year
Female:          Racquel Prager - Limestone College
Male:              Carter Capps - Mount Olive College



Sportsmanship Award
Male:          Miguel Lopez Zuniga - Limestone College
Female:      Martha Peacock -Lees-McRae College


Academic Athletes of the Year (by sport)
Note: 1st Year of Awards

Women’s Cross Country: Hannah Henderson, Lees-McRae
Women’s Volleyball:**Whitney Justice, Lees-McRae
Women’s Soccer: Sara McCormack, Pfeiffer 
Men’s Cross Country: Nelson Mwangi, Queens
Men’s Soccer: Keegan Ziada, Limestone 
Women's Basketball: Shayla Jackson, Belmont Abbey
Men's Basketball: Tom Wright, Coker
Baseball: Steven Thiele, Belmont Abbey
Softball: Sydney Greenwalt, Coker
Women's Tennis: Christine Vanard, Lees-McRae
Men's Tennis: Travis Vanhoy, Lees-McRae
Women's Golf: **Michele Low, Belmont Abbey
Men's Golf: Peter Tarver Jones, Belmont Abbey
Women's Lacrosse: Sarah Hebberd, Pfeiffer
Men's Lacrosse: Justin Rose, Pfeiffer
Women's Track & Field: Hannah Henderson, Lees-McRae
Men's Track & Field: Paul Hoffman, Mount Olive

**Earned both the "Academic Athlete of the Year" AND the "Athlete of the Year" awards in their sport.



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