Conference Carolinas Casebook Interpretations



Article III

Question: When may a prospective member apply for membership?

Ruling: An accredited senior institution may apply at any time through the President's office following established procedure in Appendix G of the Bylaws. A non-accredited institution may submit an application in like manner subsequent to accreditation approval.

Article V, Section D

Question: Is it permissible to have a designated official representative?

Ruling: Yes: Each of the three official representatives may designate another "representative in his stead via a signed statement."  Presidents though are required to have attended at least 4 of the previous 6 conference meetings to retain voting privileges when absent from a conference meeting.


Article V, Section A

Question: May a student athlete transfering and required to fulfil a one year in residency travel with the team?

Ruling: No - Travel opportunity is limited to eligible student athletes.

Question: Does participation by a student athlete automatically require or create a year in residency?

Ruling: No - Participation must include competition at the varsity level to trigger the conference required intra-conference year in residency.


Article VII, Section B

Question: Does the Commissioner have the authority to place on probation and/or suspend a coach from a specific number of contests?

Ruling: Yes. This is an available option when an institution's representative exhibits behavior deemed to be professionally inappropriate. The involved institution shall be notified prior to publication of the infraction and may appeal to the executive committee.

Question:  During a conference contest in any sport a game official incorrectly applies a rule misinterprets a rule or makes an incorrect judgment.  May this be protested?

Ruling:  No.  League policy is that game officials have complete control of games and rule matters.  The decisions of game officials will stand.

Question:  My softball team started to travel to a conference game that was then postponed.  Can we reschedule that game(s) for league standings purposes?

Ruling:  No.  Conference policy requires that subsequent to contest expenditure (travel mileage) the game(s) will not be played.