Article I      Name

The name of the corporation shall be the Conference Carolinas.

Article II     Mission Statement

The mission of the Conference Carolinas is to unite independent colleges and universities with a comparable liberal arts focus that provides institutionally controlled intercollegiate athletic opportunities that enhance the educational experience of all students and promote the mission of member institutions. (10/20/04)

Article III     Purpose

The purpose of the Conference shall be to:

1.Promote the role of athletics in the total mission of the member colleges and universities.

2.Organize and promote athletic competition among Conference members.

3.Develop and enforce regulations which ensure equity in competitive opportunity.

4.Provide opportunities for athletic participation for any student in good academic standing, regardless of ethnic group, race, religion or sex. Athletic ability and scholarship shall be the only criteria for participation.

5.Foster and promote participation, development of fair play and sportsmanship, high regard for academic excellence, and leadership.

6.Encourage a broadened participation among all segments of member campus communities.

7.Recognize the leadership role of the presidents in the direction and conduct of the conference.

8.Promote opportunities for member institutions and individual student-athletes for NCAA recognition, awards and post-season play.

Article IV Membership


Any senior institution of higher education that holds membership in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, is eligible for Division II championship competition, is accredited by a regional accrediting association, and which agrees to abide by the constitution and bylaws of this organization shall become an active member if and when elected by a simple majority of the member institutions.


A member institution may withdraw from the conference by filing with the President of the conference, no later than September 30, an official notice of withdrawal. The withdrawing member is required to:

  1. Complete one year of dues paying active conference membership the following year to play out schedules for that year
  2. In addition to that year of membership and dues:
    a.     If leaving to join another DII conference, an exit charge equal to twice the annual dues for the next year
    b.    If leaving to join another NCAA Division or to the NAIA, an exit charge equal to the annual dues for one year

A withdrawing member shall comply with all Conference regulations, including payment of dues, exit charges and eligibility for Division II championship competition. A withdrawing member shall not be entitled to any rebate, funds apportionment, and/or other accumulated assets of the Conference. (5/24/17)


Affiliated Member

An institution unable to participate in a full sport membership but meeting all other    membership qualifications may be voted affiliated membership.  The policies governing affiliated membership are found in Appendix B. (10/20/04)

Article V   Officers and Administration

The officers of the conference shall be the President and Vice President, each of whom must be a Chief Executive Officer of a member institution. The Secretary must be a Faculty Athletics Representative, to be chosen by the Faculty Athletic Representatives, of a member institution not represented by the President and Vice President and the Treasurer shall be the Commissioner without vote.


The election of officers shall be held at the spring meeting. The term of office for the President and Vice President shall be for two years and shall begin at the close of the spring meeting.  The duties of the duly elected officers shall be those established by Robert's Rules of Order Revised.


The Commissioner will be appointed annually upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee and shall perform those duties assigned by the conference.

  Article VI      Meetings

Section A -- Frequency

The Conference shall hold a minimum of two meetings each year.

1. The President shall have the power to call a meeting of the Conference at any time he deems it advisable for the good of the Conference.

2. The President shall be required to call a meeting within ten days of three member institutions' united request for a meeting. Each member institution will be notified five days prior to the meeting.

Section B -- Parliamentary Authority

Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall be the parliamentary authority for the conduct of all Conference meetings.

Section C -- Quorum

A simple majority of the voting member institutions shall constitute a quorum.

Section D -- Representation

Each institution will have three official representatives: the Chief Executive Officer of the institution, the Faculty Athletics Representative and the Athletics Director.

Active involvement by the Chief Executive Officer of conference member institutions is vital to the effective leadership and administration of intercollegiate athletics.  The Chief Executive Officer will vote on behalf of the member institution.   The Chief Executive Officer may vote at any official meeting but must have attended at least four of the last six meetings in order to designate a substitute representative.  (see form Appendix A). (Revised: 3/1/02 During the initial six meetings starting with the spring 2002 meeting a substitute may be designated as long as no more than two official meetings have been missed since and including the spring 2002 meeting.)

Section E -- Effective Date

All legislative enactments by the Conference shall go into effect immediately unless otherwise expressly stated in the bylaws.

Article VII      Institutional Control

The Conference requires institutional responsibility and control of intercollegiate athletics, and the Conference will look only to the institutional officers of the member colleges for the enforcement of its rules.

Article VIII     Amendments

The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the voting member institutions.

1. Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by voting member institutions of the Conference and must be submitted in writing to the Commissioner at least three weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be introduced.

2.The Commissioner must distribute the proposed amendment to all voting member institutions at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be introduced.

3. Proposed amendments to the Constitution may be acted upon only at a meeting subsequent to the one in which the amendment is introduced. (05/05) 

Article IX   Indemnification of Directors and Officers

Each director, officer, employee or agent of the Conference Carolinas shall be entitled to indemnification or reimbursement by the conference for any expenses or liabilities incurred by him or her under the circumstances permitting such indemnification or reimbursement under the North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act. The conference may purchase and maintain insurance on behalf of any person who is or was a director, officer, employee or agent of the conference against any liability asserted against him or her and incurred by him or her in any capacity, or arising out of his or her status as such, whether or not the conference would have the power to indemnify him or her against such liability.

Article X     Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Conference Carolinas, the residual assets of the conference will be disbursed equally to each member institution provided the institution qualifies as an exempt organization described in 501 (C) (3) and 170 (C) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or corresponding sections of any prior or future law.