Emerging Sport Guidelines 

  1. An emerging sport will be defined as a NCAA sanctioned sport that is sponsored at the varsity level by a minimum of four member institutions.
  2. To be designated as an emerging sport, an official letter of request must be submitted to the Commissioner by all of the member institutions sponsoring that sport.
  3. Once a sport is designated as an emerging sport, a Coaches Committee will be established for that sport.
  4. The conference will allow the sport to have one post-season game that will be designated as the conference championship in that sport (Note: No regular season champion).
  5. The student-athletes participating at a member institution in an emerging sport will be eligible for Player of the Week awards.
  6. Each emerging sport will be allowed to name one All-Conference Team along with one Player, Freshman, & Coach of the Year, along with an Elite 23 winner for post-season awards.
  7. Each emerging sport will be allowed to name one All-Tournament Most Valuable Player following the tournament championship game (9/20/10).
  8. Sports under the designation of emerging sports will not win points toward the Hawn Cup.
  9. The emerging sport status will be reevaluated after a period not to exceed five years. (At any time 50% of the members sponsor the sport it becomes eligible for conference sport status).