Conference Carolinas Athletic Training Policy

ATC Group:

Group Chairperson: Adam Smith, BAC (Interim)
AD Liaison: Rita Smith, LMC

Required Off Season Meeting/Call Date: Tues. 8/7/18 -10am at Limestone
Link to: Coaches Group Procedures and Requirements 
Link to: Sport Chair Report Form


1. Athletic Trainers Organization

a.A Chair and Secretary be rotated on an annual basis, with the Secretary replacing the Chair annually.  If the Chair resigns then the Sectretary steps in; If both resign the conference office will call for an email vote to nominate and elect new officers.

b.The athletic trainers meet annually

c.An agenda be solicited and subsequently distributed prior to the Athletic Training Committee meetings

d.Minutes from the meeting be submitted to the Athletic Training Committee Liaison to the league office

2.Each visiting league team will be familiar with minimum supplies made available by the host team at each contest/venue, to include the following:

a.One full sleeve of cups (8oz., lOO/sleeve)

b.A minimum of a 5 gallon cooler of ice water

c.A minimum of a 5 gallon cooler of ice

d.Ten ice bags

e.One set of crutches

f One biohazard container

g.One blood spill kit with the following:

-One bottle of hydrogen peroxide

-Four pairs of gloves

-Ten band-aids

-Ten 4x4 gauze pads

-One roll of pre-wrap

-One roll of white athletic training tape

-One roll of elastic tape (Lightplast, Sher-Light, etc.)

In the event that there are more contests than athletic trainers on site, this may keep the athletic trainer from being called to a site for non-emergency injury requests from visiting teams.

It is recommended that this be in writing and distributed to all league conference Head Athletic Trainers

3. An Emergency Care Plan specific to each sport/venue be required of each league member to include the following:

a.The plan be reviewed with the athletic training staff annually

b.The plan be reviewed with the coaches and Athletic Director annually

c.The Emergency Care Plans are to be posted at each venue

d.Either a cell or land line phone must be available at each venue

e.A current Emergency Care Plan must be on file in the league Office for each institution

4. Annual CPR training be required of all compensated coaches (NCAA Requirement)

5. Each member provides a certified athletic trainer on campus for home events, regardless of the sport. In the event of an emergency absence of the host athletic trainer, the visiting league team will be notified and in the event of a medical emergency, the host institution's Emergency Care Plan will be activated

6. It is recommended that numbers 3-5 be submitted to legal counsel for guidance related to risk management/liability prior to approval

7. The Athletic Training Committee will adhere to the Lightning Policy recommended by the NCAA.