Coaches Group:

Required Preseason Conference Call Date: Thurs. 11/8/18 @ 10:00am (MBB requested to stay on the post call to talk rule changes with Joe Forte).
Required All-Conference Meeting/Call Date:
      WOMEN: Mon. Mar. 4 - 10am
      MEN: Mon. Mar 4 - 10:45am
Required Off Season Meeting/Call Date:
      WOMEN: Thurs. 9/6/18 - 11am
      MEN: Thurs. 9/6/18 - 10am
Link to: Coaches Group Procedures and Requirements 
Link to: Sport Chair Report Form

Women's Committee Chairperson: Wendy Lee, Mount Olive
Men's Committee Chairperson: Chad Lister, North Greenville
Athletic Director Liaison:  Chris Williams, SWU

2018-19 Championship Dates: Top 8 Teams Qualify:

Final date of league regular season play: Sat. Mar 2, 2019
(Per AD Policy: All conference games -including any rescheduled games- must be completed by the Saturday prior to that sport's conference championship.)

Mon. Mar. 4 Women's Quarterfinals @ higher seed
Tue. Mar. 5 Men's Quarterfinals @ higher seed
Thur. Mar. 7 Women's Final Four Awards Lunch 1:30PM @ highest remaining seed (at one locale)
Thur. March 7 Women's Final Four @ highest remaining seed (at one locale)
Fri. March 8 Women's Championship @ Final Four host
Sat. March 9 Men's Final Four Awards Brunch 10:00AM @ highest remaining seed (at one locale)
Sat. March 9 Men's Final Four @ highest remaining seed (at one locale)
Sun. March 10 Men's Championship @ Final Four host

Tournament Schedule:
Mon. Quarterfinals: 5:30PM
Tue. Quarterfinals: 7PM
Thur. WBB Semis: 5:30PM & 7:30PM
Fri. WBB Finals: 5:30PM
Sat. MBB Semis: 2PM & 4PM
Sun. MBB Finals: 2PM

Note: In 'Final Four' championships being hosted by the top seed, that top seed has the opportunity to select their game time.  Because the school is hosting a championship on the basis of earning the highest seed, that school can select which of the established semifinal game times that they prefer; the conference office will reach out to potential highest seeds early, at least by beginning of the conference championship, to establish the schedule. Host should help provide meeting space/rooms to accomodate resting, studying, hanging-out for visiting tournament teams. 
Weekend times: 2PM, 4PM, 7PM if single game; or 2/4PM or 5:30/7:30 if doubleheader with M&W (specific time at host discretion)
Weekday times: 7PM if single game; 5:30/7:30 if doubleheader with M&W (specific time at host discretion)

2018-19 Coaches All-Conference
M&W Nominations Due:
Wed. Feb. 27 12noon
Nomination Conference Calls:
WOMEN: Mon. Mar. 4 - 10am
MEN: Mon. Mar. 4 - 10:45am
M&W Ballots Due:
Tue. Mar. 5 -12noon

Method: Eight team single elimination tournament.

Procedure: Teams will be seeded according to regular season finish. The conference tournament winner shall be the champion and receive the NCAA automatic bid. In the event of a weather shortened tournament the highest seeded team remaining in the tournament becomes the conference champion receiving the automatic NCAA bid.  When the winning team is not eligible for automatic qualification the runner up team receives the automatic qualification. Members agree to admit opponents students, with student ID, without charge (5/13/04). Player passes will adhere to NCAA requirements. No complimentary passes will be provided to visiting teams (5/1/02). Tournament games will be aligned with the NCAA tournaments (ie: if the women's tournament starts first, then the conference wommen's tourney would be first and vice versa) (5/20/14). In conference championships (soccer, vb, basketball) where the the host institution is the top seed, they are allowed to determine  when they will
play (1st or 2nd) in the semifinal games (2/3/15). The "Final Four" host school should supply reasonable officials accommodations cost (ie: hotel expense) from the current championships sport budget (10/6/16).

Seeding/Ties: Tournament seeding will based on overall conference winning percentage. Ties will be broken in the following manner: 1) Head to head results during the regular season for a two way tie; 2) Records against all opponents involved in the tie; 3) record against opponents not involved in the tie working down from #1; 4) random selection by Commissioner.

* In the situation of three or more teams tying; after determining the highest seeded team, the tie breaking procedure reverts back to the start of the tie breaking procedure to seed the next team. This process continues until all tied teams have been seeded.

Multiple Sport Policies: Link to League Mutiple Sport Policy

Media Policy Regarding Officials: Link to League Media Policy

Delay of Game Policy: Link to League Delayed Game Policy

Basketball Code of Conduct: Link to Basketball Code of Conduct

Line-Up Submission Policy: Link to Line-Up Submission Policy

Visiting Team Expectations: Link to Visiting Team Expectations

Admissions Policy: Any sport in which there is an admissions charge, league students with valid ID to be admitted free (except rented facilities off campus). Passed 8-11-04.

Ejection Policy: When a player or team party member is ejected both the team's coach and (if a league opponent) the opposing coach are to notify their Athletic Director upon completion of the contest.  The  Athletic Director will immediately notify the conference office and subsequently complete and submit to the league office the Ejection Report Form found on the web. The conference office will notify each member president immediately when notified of an ejection.

A coach ejected for an "unsporting act" will be cautioned by the institution’s Athletic Director or immediate superior in a form provided by the league. Copies of cautions and suspensions will be provided to the institution’s President, FAR, the Director of Basketball Officiating and the Commissioner. A second ejection in the same year will, minimally, carry a next game suspension. A third ejection in the same year will, minimally, carry a next two games suspension. End of year suspensions will be carried forward to the next year.

Ejected coaches must leave sight of the playing field/floor when ejected. If the ejected coach does not comply in a timely manner, the game is forfeited.


1. The league basketball schedules are provided by the commissioner's office as directed by the Athletic Directors Committee.
2. Saturday (non back-to-back) game times will be 2pm & 4pm if distance is 200 miles or more for visiting team, with opportunity for special exceptions -5/20/14. 
3. Back-to-back (Fri/Sat) Games: ADs have agreed that the two schools competing against each other on Saturday of back to back basketball games can agree to change the game time (if a change is requested by one school but the other does not agree, the game times are to be played at 5:30/7:30pm); if schools want to change the game time for Friday, they must seek commissioner approval -2/2/16.
4. During league conference challenge events (usually first weekend of season), there is a potential conflict with the leagues WVB Championships since both fall on the same weekend. WVB has changed there championship dates to accomodate these events moving from Fri/Sat to Sat/Sun, but ALL WVB championship game times will take precedent with Sat. semi's scheduled for 5:00pm & 7:30pm and Sunday's final at 3:00pm. Basketball game times will be scheduled with discretion by the host earlier in the day as not to conflict with the championship times.

Schedule Links:
(Note: Schedules can be changed with AD approval from both institutions)

2018-19 & 2019-20 Approved ConfCarolinas Schedules -with Chowan (2/13/18)

1. The official game ball sponser is Wilson as contracted and to be used by league member vote for all conference games. Host schools will provide five practice balls comparable, to those used by the home team, for the visiting team (8/14/02). The tournament champion will recieve six conference league balls and a ball cart (supplied per the Wilson conference contract), while the tournament 'final four' host (if different) will recieve the remaining six balls (4/2/15). 

2.  Game-tape exchanging protocol: note ADs voted to approve 'Synergy' as the new game tape provider starting 2015-16 season (4/2/15).

  • All games (conference & non-conference) should be uploaded within 4 hours of game completion. (9/29/15 & 10/12/15)
  • Home teams are responsible for uploading the games
  • All uploads must include sound
  • Tapes, CDs, game files, and verbal scouting reports, etc. may not be shared with out-of-conference opponents
  • For conference contests, if the visiting team would like immediate post game video they should share their flash drive with the host, whereas the host will then upload and return the drive back to the visitors before departure (10/12/15).

3. N/A: Scheduled snow dates will be used for postponed lague games unless there is mutual agreement by the Athletic Directors at both schools to reschedule the games on another date.

4. Postponed games must be rescheduled prior to the Thursday preceding the leage tournament week.

5. Visiting teams may occupy the locker room 1.5 hours and use the basketball court 1 hour prior to the scheduled game starting time.

6. During men's basketball pre-game warm ups (including halftime of the women's game) dunking of the basketball is not permitted.  The game manager or game personnel is to report to the conference office any violation of this policy. (Members expressed concern that often there is not a back up basketball goal that is available in a timely manner should a rim or backboard sustain damage during the pre-game warm-up time.) The policy is effective as of Saturday January 23, 2016.

7. For the 2018-19 season, our members are using a variety of basketball in-game statistical programs.  All programs can produce box scores while others, primarily Genius, have a variety of additional in-game information that could be produced.  It is important to have consistency in policy so that everyone knows what to expect and receive.  Thus:

  • This year traditional box scores and box scores only will be given to both participating teams at the halftime break.  Each team will receive the exact same information
  • This year distribution of other information from the in-game software is prohibited during the length of the game
  • The expectation is that next year all members will use Genius software.  Basketball coaches chairs and the sports information chair will be asked to recommend in-game information policies for the conference

All Conference Team: Each team through their SID may nominate players for all-conference consideration. All nominations received by the Service Bureau Director prior to the stated deadline will be returned to SIDs via ballot. First (5) second (5) and third (5) teams will be selected. The ballot will consist of the 10 players in rank order 1-10. Each team will vote for 10 players excluding their own, in rank order. The ballot will be sent to and received from the member SID. The all-conference team is released in conjunction with pre-tournament publicity. (Per basketball coaches, nominations can include up to 2 players nominated for individual awards 10/4/18.)

The All-Conf. Basketball Team will be selected by nomination & ballot via email submission to league office.  All sport coaches that nominate & vote All-Conference Teams via email procedure through the league office (as opposed to meeting in person), will be required to attend a conference call following nominations but prior to voting ballots (set up by the conference office).  Ballots are required to be completed within 24 hours of the coaches conference call.

Player of the Year: Each league member will vote for three players excluding their own, in rank order. Ballots will be sent to and received from SIDs and the winner will be named Player of the Year. Ties will be broken by greatest number of 1) first place votes, 2) 2ed place votes, 3) 3rd place votes. Note: For basketball, the Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year COULD possibly win both awards.

Defensive Player of the Year: Each league member will vote for three players excluding their own, in rank order. Ballots will be sent to and received from SIDs and the winner will be named Defensive Player of the Year. Ties will be broken by greatest number of 1) first place votes, 2) 2ed place votes, 3) 3rd place votes.  Note: For basketball, the Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year COULD possibly win both awards.

Coach of the Year: Each league member will vote for three coaches excluding their own, in rank order. Ballots will be sent to and received from SIDs and the winner will be named Coach of the Year. Ties will be broken by greatest number of 1) first place votes, 2) 2ed place votes, 3) 3rd place votes.

Freshman of the Year: The top freshman vote-getter of the members using the same procedure and time frame as Player of the Year.

FOTY Qualifications: (approved 10/5/18 to start 1/1/19)
(Fall Sports for 2018 will continue to follow the past policy of "True Freshmen" Only)

  1. Student-athlete should qualify only if this is the first collegiate institution they have attended.
  2. It is the student-athletes first year of competition. (Academic sophmores/redshirt freshmen are eligible, as long as took redshirt at same member school.) 
  3. The student-athlete is not applicable for any transfer exceptions. (Exp. Student transfers from a school but didn't play a sport, still not eligible for award.)
  4. Nominators have the responsibility to make sure all qualifications are met. 

All Tournament: Coaches will select the all tournament team as follows: 1st place-MVP + 2 All Tournament, 2ed-2 All Tournament, 3rd & 4th-1 All Tournament.

Link To: Men’s and Women’s Basketball Game Management Procedures

Student Sportsmanship Pledge Form & Link (Reminder to be signed by each student athlete during preseason and filed in schools athletic department)