Protocol for Coaches Meetings/ConfCalls: 
To help streamline, improve & organize coaches groups policies, recommendations, and schedules, etc. ADs have required that each coaches group should: 

  1. Direct their attention to their SPORT POLICY ONLINE and before each season begins, review their policy with a "fine-tooth comb" 
  2. Review Coaches Meeting Procedures (below)
  3. Review Chairperson’s Responsibilities (below)
  • Coaches Meeting Procedures

-In addition to calls during the season, each sport should meet at least once annually during the offseason to discuss and bring recommendations to the leagues AD committee for change. Starting in 2017-18, the league will set off-season meeting dates (as requested by league Athletic Directors). Meetings can include face-to-face or conference calls.
-Recommendations brought to the AD committee should be written-up for proposal by the group chair through the AD liaison and conference office to be communicated to the AD group (4 weeks prior is recommended).
-Recommendations brought to the AD committee should be proposed by a majority vote of the coaches group.
-Per the groups discretion, the coaches chairperson should/can be nominated and voted upon each year (chairperson can continue numerous consecutive terms with group approval).

  • Chairperson Responsibilities:

-Organize annual/bi-annual meeting(s) either via in-person or conference call (work with conference office to set-up)
-Request/compile/organize/distribute agenda items to coaches, conference office, and AD liaison
-Lead group through agenda in orderly fashion
-Type/email group recommendations to AD liaison & conference office in order to present to AD group for consideration through the below "Report Form"
Link to: Sport Chair Report Form
-When applicable, report to conference AD committee on specific proposal or group recommendations
-Reference point for fellow league coaches to help with questions, concerns, problems.



Agenda Template Example:

Conference Carolinas Women’s Basketball Coaches Conference Call

August 27, 2012-10am

Introductions & Roll Call –Brook @ Conference Office

-Joy Couch-Director of Athletics at Converse College and AD Liaison for Basketball
-Tommy Salerno-Supervisor of Officials


I. Officials Information

A.            Tommy Salerno
B.            NCAA 2012-2013 Rules Video
C.            Questions

II.  2013-2014 Conference Schedule

A.          Proposed Schedule- - attached AD proposal 2013-14 weekend Fri/Sat schedule
-pros of schedule (men recommended not to accept)
- If not in favor, what options/recommendations to propose

III. Game Tape Exchange

A.            Review Policy and remind coaches that-"Non-Conference games must be uploaded" just like conference games. Regardless if non conference home team does not tape it is our responsibility to find out in advance if they are taping, and if not, tape the game ourselves so it can be uploaded.
B.            Each school to give a copy of the game DVD to opponents about 20 minutes afterwards.

C.            GameTape Exchange Update –(everyone should have received an email from GTX on 8/3/12 )

IV. Conference Tournament

A.            Possible future sites

IV. Other Items