MEN'S WRESTLING COACHES SPORTS POLICY (Belmont Abbey, Coker, Emmanuel, King, Limestone, Newberry, Queens {UMO for 2019-20})

Coaches Group:

Required Preseason Conference Call Date: Tues. Oct. 23, 2018 @ 10am
Required Off Season Conference Call Date: Tues. April 9, 2019 @ 10am
Required All-Conference Meeting Conference Call Date: Mon. March 11 @ 2PM
Link to: Coaches Group Procedures and Requirements 
Link to: Sport Chair Report Form

Men's Committee Chairperson: Cy Wainwright, Newberry College
Athletic Director Liaison: Nate Moorman, Emmanuel College

2018/19 Conference Banquet: 6:00PM Wednesday, March 13, 2019: Queens University Sports Complex at Marion Diehl Park's East/West Convention Room (Requested Business Casual Dress)

All schools will be invited to an end of the season Conference banquet to recognize conference champions and all conference award winners. The banquet will take place within two weeks following the NCAA DII National tournament.

Wrestling Season and Scheduling Policies:

(1) Each team must play all other league teams once during the season and as directed by the conference schedule. Coaches may use discretion in determining the exact date of competition provided it takes place during the week assigned by the conference office.

(2) League teams may play each other more than once during the season. However, only the first regular season match between any two teams will count towards the league won-loss records.

(3) NCAA wrestling rules apply to breaking ties.

(4) All Dual matches must be completed by the Sunday prior to the NCAA DII Regional Tournament

(5) In the case of inclement weather, matches unable to be wrestled must be made up at the next mutually available date.

 Approved Schedules Link (2/22/19)


Conference Champions: Conference Champions will be crowned based on highest conference regular season winning percentage.  In the case of a tie, the Conference will determine the Conference Champion using the below tie breaker criteria. This criteria will also be used to break ties for 2nd through 7th in the final conference standings.

Tie Breaker Criteria: Should two teams finish the conference season with the same conference dual winning percentage, the team that won the head to head dual in the regular season will be crowned the Conference Wrestling Champions. Should more than two teams have the same conference dual winning percentage, the team with the highest number of cumulative team points scored in all conference duals will be crowned the Conference Champion. If there is a still a remaining tie, the highest regional, then national finish will determine Conference Champions.


Policies for all Conference sports

Partial Match Policy: If any expense is incurred (exp. if the bus leaves campus) and the game is not played to completion, the game is not to be replayed. For wrestling specifically, if the match is underway and stopped, it can only be considered an official result when 5 matches have been completed. (5/12)

Media Policy Regarding Officials: Link to league Media Policy

Delay of Game Policy: Link to League Delayed Game Policy **Nate will be sending an updated wording for 1 hour clarification after weigh-ins, which coaches discussed on 10/23/18 conference call. (For the purposes of applying delayed game policies, the schedule weigh-in time is the official start time of the contest)

Line-Up Submission Policy: Link to Line-Up Submission Policy

Visiting Team ExpectationsLink to Visiting Team Expectations

Use of Conference Logo: Schools participating that are members of the South Atlantic Conference (SAC) should have SAC logos on their uniform, and schools participating that are members of Conference Carolinas should have their logo on their uniform. 


Ejection Policy: When a player or team party member is ejected both the team's coach and (if a league opponent) the opposing coach are to notify their Athletic Director upon completion of the contest.  The Athletic Director will immediately notify the conference office and subsequently complete and submit to the league office the Ejection Report Form found on the web. The conference office will notify each member president immediately when notified of an ejection.

A coach ejected for an "unsporting act" will be cautioned by the institution’s Athletic Director or immediate superior in a form provided by league. Copies of cautions and suspensions will be provided to the institution’s President, FAR, the Supervisor of Officials and the Commissioner. A second ejection in the same year will, minimally, carry a next game suspension. A third ejection in the same year will, minimally, carry a next two games suspension. End of year suspensions will be carried forward to the next year.
Ejected coaches must leave sight of the playing field/floor when ejected. If the ejected coach does not comply in a timely manner, the game is forfeited.

Coaches Meetings: 1) A coach’s call/meeting will be held at a predetermined date prior to the conference championship/banquet. 2) An annual out-of-season required coach’s call/meeting will also be scheduled each year prior to the start of the regular season. 


All-Conference Awards Process:

2018-19 Coaches All-Conference Dates
Nominations Open: Wed. Mar. 6, 9AM
Nominations Due: Sun. Mar. 10 by 5PM
Coaches Nomination Conference Call: Mon. Mar. 11 - 2pm
Voting Ballots Due: Tues. Mar. 12 -12noon
Awards Banquet: Wed. Mar. 13 - 6PM

Men's Wrestling Nominations:
The league office will complete the nomination process the week of the NCAA National Tournament (with the caveat that teams will have an opportunity to update noms following the national championship during the coaches conference call if applicable). A required Coaches All-Conference Conference Call will follow after the national championship weekend, but prior to the league awards banquet (Exp. Mon. 3/11 of 2019), then finishing with final voting ballots due the next day at 12 noon (Exp. Tue. 3/12 of 2019), and prior to the banquet the next evening (Exp. Wed 3/13 of 2019).

(Step 1) – Send player nominations through each SID to the conference office via Presto online submissions. (Due Sunday 5pm)

(Step 2) – Conference compiles nominations and resends to coaches via email. (Hopefully late Sunday night, but at latest by Monday morning)

(Step 3) - After coaches receive nominations they will have an opportunity to update those verbally during the coaches conference call (Monday) to correct/edit/fix/change/omit any nominations.

(Step 4) - The league will distribute final ballots as soon as possible (Monday afternoon) after the conference call.

(Step 5) - Coaches will work through their SIDs to then rank the players (outside of their own players) and submit those rankings through their SIDs via the online Presto ranking submission process (no later than Tuesday  12p.m.) prior to the league's award banquet (Wednesday 6p.m.)


All Conference Team: Each team through their SID may nominate one wrestler at each weight for all-conference consideration. All nominations must be received prior to the stated deadline.   10 First Team selections and 10 Second Team selections (no third team/honorable mention team).  Each team will vote for players in rank order and may not vote for their own players. 

Wrestler of the Year: Each league member will vote for three players excluding their own, in rank order. Ties will be broken by greatest number of 1) 1st place votes, 2) 2nd place votes, 3) 3rd place votes. Note: The Wrestler of the Year and freshmen of the Year CAN NOT be nominated for or win both awards.

Freshman of the Year: Each member will vote for three freshman players excluding their own, in rank order.  The winner will be named freshman of the Year. Ties will be broken by greatest number of 1) 1st place votes, 2) 2nd place votes, 3) 3rd place votes Note: The Wrestler of the Year and Freshmen of the Year CAN NOT be nominated for or win both awards.

FOTY Qualifications: (approved 10/5/18 to start 1/1/19)
(Fall Sports for 2018 will continue to follow the past policy of "True Freshmen" Only)

  1. Student-athlete should qualify only if this is the first collegiate institution they have attended.
  2. It is the student-athletes first year of competition. (Academic sophmores/redshirt freshmen are eligible, as long as took redshirt at same member school.) 
  3. The student-athlete is not applicable for any transfer exceptions. (Exp. Student transfers from a school but didn't play a sport, still not eligible for award.)
  4. Nominators have the responsibility to make sure all qualifications are met. 

Coach of the Year: Each member will vote for three coaches excluding their own, in rank order.  The winner will be named Coach of the Year. Ties will be broken by greatest number of 1) 1st place votes, 2) 2nd place votes, 3) 3rd place votes.

Player of the Week: Men’s wrestling coaches may nominate one wrestler each week through the SID, for the duration of the regular season.


Student Sportsmanship Pledge Form & Link (Reminder to be signed by each student athlete during preseason and filed in schools athletic department)