Coaches Group Information

Required Off-Season Conference Call: 10am Friday, September 6, 2019

Required Preseason Conference Call: 10am Tuesday, January 14, 2020
"Points Total" Document Due: 12pm Monday, March 16, 2020

"Points Total" Document Due: 12pm Monday, March 30, 2020

"Points Total" Document Due: 12pm Monday, April 13, 2020

Final "Points Total" Document Due: 3pm Sunday, April 19, 2020

Tourney Lineup Submission Form Due: 3pm Sunday, April 19, 2020 (conference office will compile points & lineups & redistribute Monday, April 20, 2020)

Official Registered Dispute Form Due: 3pm Monday, April 20, 2020 (prior to coaches conference call)

Required All-Conference Nominations Conference Call: 10am Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Conference Championships Coaches Meeting: 3pm Thursday, April 23, 2020 [Palmetto Tennis Center (Sumter, SC); before awards banquet]

Committee Chairperson: Calhoun Parr, Erskine
Director of Athletics Liaison: Mark Peeler, Erskine 

2020 Regular-Season and Championships Information

Final Date of Conference Regular-Season Play: Monday, April 20, 2020
(Per AD Policy: All tennis conference matches - including any rescheduled matches - must be completed by the Monday prior to the conference championships.) 

Conference Championships Dates: Friday, April 24, 2020

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Location of Conference Championships: Palmetto Tennis Center (Sumter, SC; hosted by Erskine)

Practice & Dessert Banquet: 7pm Thursday, April 23, 2020, at the Heath Pavilion at Swan Lake. When weather dictates, the schedule of play may be advanced and/or the following Monday may be used as the rain date (5/19/12) unless the following Monday is after the NCAA automatic qualifier submission deadline (9/3/19).
Quarterfinals: 9am (Women) & 12pm (Men) Friday, April 24, 2020
Semifinals: 9am (Women) & 12pm (Men) Saturday, April 25, 2020
Finals: Sunday, April 26, 2020 (10am if no coach is coaching both men’s & women’s teams in the finals; 9am & 12pm if a coach IS coaching both men’s & women’s teams in the finals) (5/21/13)

Note: When there is a pre-determined championship site, the match times should be pre-determined based on seed, not on the host, regardless of whether the championship is being played at a neutral or campus site.

WOMEN'S Tennis: Points Total Template (1/19)
MEN'S Tennis: Points Total Template (1/19)
Line-Up Submission Form Link (revised 2018)
Line-Up Dispute Form Link (revised 2018)

2020 Originally Approved Tennis Schedule

Note: Schedules can be changed with AD approval from both institutions.

Regular Season

NCAA Championships Committee established no ad scoring starting the 2018-19 regular & championship seasons (7/19/18). 

All conference teams must play each other at least once during the spring season. If conference teams play each other more than once, the first match will be used for seeding purposes unless both coaches agree otherwise. Each coach must submit the lineup according to strength. In case of injury or illness, all players must move up. All team line-up rules will comply with ITA regulations.

If any expense is incurred (exp. if the bus leaves campus) and the match is not played to completion, the match is not to be replayed. If the match is underway and stopped, the match will be considered completed if 5 matches have been won by one team. (5/12)

Per ITA regulations, if fewer than six courts are being used for a dual match, the matches shall be played in order from the number one match and continue in numerical order unless both coaches agree to do otherwise.

New dual match-length policy (with AD emphasized coordination of all coaches for complete communication). For doubles play, conference coaches voted to play ALL double matches to completion (different than ITA rule which states when one team wins the first 2 doubles matches, the third match stops) in order to comply with league all-conference point totals & tallies (1/18). 

1) Coin Flip Procedures for Conference Carolinas Tennis Matches:
Before the start of each match, coaches will flip a coin for each team (1 for the Women, 1 for Men).

Winner of the coin flip decides:
In the case of venues with less than 12 courts, which seeds will go on first (1, 3, 5 or 2, 4, 6). For the case of a facility
having between 7 and 11 courts, the lowest seed will fill in the available courts (1, 2, 3, 5 or 1, 2, 4, 6).

*Coin flip will no longer decide if even or odd seeds will choose to serve, return, side, or defer! Each court will spin their
racquet at the beginning of their match to decide serve, return, side, or defer.

2) Singles matches not on court will play an 8 game pro set once team match score has been decided
(for all venues with less than 12 courts). Match tie-breaker at 7-7. Coin flip at beginning of match would
decide the order of matches to go on first. So for venues with 6 courts either 1,3,5 or 2,4,6 would go on
first depending on the flip of the coin. This would keep from having the 4.5,6 players always going on last each match.

3) Tie-breaker at 7-7 instead of 8-8 for all doubles matches. 

4) Per ITA rule there will not be introductions, but all matches should start on-time. The goal being that all pre-match/warmups/etc is complete so that competition is started on or before stated match time. (Jan. 2018) 

5) All conference matches will have no warm up time for doubles. Singles will have a 5 minute warm up time. (Jan. 2018)

All league regular season matches shall be the best of three sets with regular scoring and each individual match shall be played until completion, except in the following circumstances: 1) Per ITA regulations, once a team winner has been decided, all remaining matches shall be the best of three sets with a 10-point tiebreaker to determine the third set, including those matches already in progress, unless a match is already in the third set, then the third set shall be completed; 2) Any match that has been delayed for one hour or more due to rain or elements outside the control of one of the participating teams; 3) Both coaches agree to otherwise determine the outcome of all double and singles matches prior to the start of the dual match. Each team shall have access to the courts used for the dual match 30 minutes prior to the stated starting time of the match. All league matches will also provide a ten minute warm-up prior to doubles and a five minute warm-up prior to singles, unless both players or coaches agree to do otherwise.  All league schools will use the ITA-Wilson US Open Extra Duty hard court balls for each conference match. All teams will use 3 balls per match per coaches vote (not the required 4 per NCAA).

USTA/ITA certified officials will be required in all league matches within the following parameters: a) both coaches may agree not to use an official, b) should either coach prefer use of an official a USTA/ITA certified official is required both the current and subsequent year and c) in the event an official can't be secured by the home team the current home team is required to pay the USTA/ITA certified officials fee the subsequent year when competing as a visitor.  One official will be used per match and could be used for a men's AND and women's match if played on six courts or less. Site with larger facilities (Barton, Limestone, Erskine) would provide two officials if playing men's and women's at the same time.

In the absence of a certified referee, or other mutually agreed arrangements, each coach will be responsible to call code violations on his/her team only. All matches will be governed by ITA rules and regulations.

Tennis Lineups (per coaches agreement 9/7/18):

  1. All lineups are to be made in order of strength.
  2. In case of injury or health reasons that prevent a player from playing that player is to be removed from the lineup and all players move up.
  3. When a player is placed in a coach’s lineup, that player to the best of their coach’s knowledge should be physically able to compete and finish their match.
  4. Reason for change in lineup: If a player has consistently demonstrated by their results to be playing at a higher level than the player just above them in the lineup, that player can be moved up 1 position. This rule would require that the results of higher performance be for a minimum of 3 matches. (This rule does not allow for players to be moved in the lineup from match to match. When coaches move their players from match to match they are playing the match-up game and again per this rule, is not allowed.)

Score Reporting: The home team is required to report complete final scores to the ITA immediately following hosting their match (04/16). So that scores, stats, and results stay consistent (which also affects All-Conference stats), for ALL conference matches, both head coaches will be required to immediately sign both the home & away score books (both should mirror each other) at the conclusion of each match (05/17).

Admissions Policy: In any sport in which there is an admissions charge, member students with a valid ID shall be admitted free (except rented facilities off campus) (8/11/04).

Fall Tournament Support: The Fall individual tennis tournament will be known as the "Palmetto Tennis Center Invitational" and is not a sanctioned conference event. Per AD direction, the league office will allot $500 in support monies each year in order to help offset costs of officials, balls/equipment, and ATC/Trainer support (9/11/11) only for this tournament, with the caveat that it will not be a conference sanctioned event. 

Tournament Format: In the event of a weather shortened tournament the highest seeded team remaining in the tournament becomes the conference champion receiving the automatic NCAA bid.  When the winning team is not eligible for automatic qualification the runner up team receives the automatic qualification. 

The top 8 teams during the regular season will qualify for the conference tournament (6/3/02). If a team is unable to participate in the conference championships, the ninth seed will assume the 8th seeding & all seeds above would move up accordingly if applicable. 

Team Dual Single-Elimination Tournament: All consolation play is eliminated for the conference championships. (5/20/14).
Doubles will be played first (8 game pro sets) followed by singles (2 of 3 sets). In the event that rain precludes completion of the tournament on Sunday/Monday, the highest seeded team remaining in the tournament will be the conference champion and receive the NCAA automatic qualification (6/3/02). Singles sticks are to be used in all conference matches and in the tournament. ITA/Conference guidelines are used with conference guidelines given top priority. Line-ups for the conference tournament must be submitted to the league office by Sunday 3PM prior to the awards banquet and subsequent coaches meeting. If a line-up is not submitted by the proposed deadline, the school responsible would NOT be permitted to participate in the tournament.  The conference office will compile (all) submitted line-up documents together and send to (all) coaches Monday for their approval or to register a dispute.  All disputes must be registered to the league office with the included form by 3PM Monday prior to the Coaches Committee Conference call Tuesday. From there the league will distribute disputes to all coaches so all coaches can review, discuss, ask questions about, and understand any challenges during their conference call.  Coaches would then have a ONE HOUR DEADLINE following the call to communicate via email to the league office on each schools vote.  Teams involved in their specific challenge can be included in all discussions but MUST recuse themselves from voting (on their dispute only). If a dispute is not registered by the required deadline it will not be reviewed (5/17).  Specific tournament guidelines will be determined by the coaches at the meeting preceding the tournament. That meeting will be held at the host site the day before play begins as will a banquet, if scheduled. The tournament director is suggested to be neutral (not a coach of a team in tourney). The host school provides the director plus a task force adequate to facilitate and officiate the tournament. An awards ceremony shall be held at the end of the tournament.

Tennis championship (Sunday/Monday) start times will be 10:00am (if no coach is coaching both M&W teams) or 9:00am and 12noon start times (if coach IS coaching both M&W championship match teams) (5/21/13).  

Seeding: Determined by results of regular season matches. Ties will be broken as follows and in this letter and numerical order.  Note that once the higher seed is identified in a multiple tie the next highest seed is determined by starting at the beginning of the tie breaking process.
  A.  Two-way tie - use head to head results of conference match.
  B.  Multiple teams tied - The highest seeded team is decided by:

1.      Records among the tied teams

2.      Match results of each team as compared with other seeded teams starting with the #1 seed and working in order of finish.

3.      Greatest sum of individual matches won during team matches among all tied teams.  For example: team A defeats team B 6-3, team B defeats team C 7-2 and team C defeats team A 6-3.  Team B would be highest seed having won 10 individual matches. (Team 3 is next highest seed by using the first head-to-head tie breaker.)

4.      Greatest sum of individual games won during all nine team matches among all tied teams.  For example: team A doubles match scores are 6-4, 3-6, and 7-6.  The singles matches are 2-6, 6-4,  6-3, 6-4, 2-6 and 0-6.  The total games won for team A during this match is 38. 

5.    Least sum of individual games lost during all nine team matches among all tied teams.  For example: team A doubles match scores are 6-4, 3-6, and 7-2

6.  The singles matches are 2-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4, 2-6 and 0-6.  The total games lost for team A during this match is 45. 

*In the situation of three or more teams tying: After determining the highest-seeded team, the tie-breaking procedure reverts back to the start of the tie-breaking procedure to seed the next team. This process continues until all tied teams have been seeded.

Multiple Sport Policy: Link to League Multiple Sport Policy 

Media Policy Regarding Officials: Link to Media Policy 

Delay of Game Policy: Link to Delayed Game Policy

Lineup Submission Policy: Link to Lineup Submission Policy

Visiting Team ExpectationsLink to Visiting Team Expectations

Ejection Policy: When a player or team party member is ejected, both the team's coach and (if a conference opponent) the opposing coach are to notify their director of athletics upon completion of the contest. The director of athletics will immediately notify the conference office and subsequently complete and submit to the conference office the Ejection Report Form. The conference office will notify each member president immediately when notified of an ejection. 

A coach ejected for an "unsporting act" will be cautioned by the institution’s director of athletics or immediate supervisor in a form provided by the conference. Copies of cautions and suspensions will be provided to the institution’s President, FAR, the Supervisor of Officials and the Commissioner. A second ejection in the same year will, minimally, carry a next-match suspension. A third ejection in the same year will, minimally, carry a next two-match suspension. End-of-year suspensions will be carried forward to the next year. Ejected coaches must leave the sight of the playing court when ejected. If the ejected coach does not comply in a timely manner, the match is forfeited. 

"Points Total" Requirement: Coaches are required to use the above "Points Total" document link every two weeks (due every other Monday by 12pm with dates included above), so everyone can stay up-to-date, and all stay on the same page.

All Conference Team: A "Points Total" system will be used to determine the winners of the conference tennis awards with the goal to use a totally objective and fair manner so that every player will have an equal opportunity to earn the conference individual awards given at the end of the year tennis banquet. This system will use points awarded based on the players’ results in conference matches.

The combined singles & doubles points system totals are as follows:
For each SINGLES win recorded:#1 singles-12 points; #2 singles-11 points;
#3 singles- 10 points; #4 singles-9 points; #5 singles-8 points; #6 singles-7 points; 

For each DOUBLES win recorded: #1 Doubles-2 points; #2 Doubles-1.5 points; #3 Doubles-1 point (1/19).

The combined singles & doubles points total 6 highest ranked players will be "All-Conference First Team" members.  The next 6 highest ranked players will be "All-Conference Second Team" members. The next 6 highest ranked players will be "All-Conference Third Team" members.  

To be considered for All-Conference in tennis, a student-athlete must play a minimum of 60% of conference matches.  

To be considered for All-Conference in tennis, a student-athlete must play a minimum of 60% of conference matches. In any case of point total ties between players, the all-conference vote would go to the a) winner of the head-to-head result; b) higher seeded player on their team; c) the higher seeded conference tournament team ranking 1/18. Highest point total individual will be the Player of the Year, highest point total individual freshman will be Freshman of the Year, Regular Season Champion will be Coach of the Year. For conference matches that were cancelled and didn't get made-up/played, each team will use the exact lineup of their previous CONFERENCE match (one should use the same lineup & order as the conference match that was played before the original non-played match date) line-up in order to calculate exactly HALVE of the possible match point totals to be included (Halve of the points go to one conference team and halve of the points go to the other conference team 2/21/17). Coaches are required to send in the "Points Total" document every two weeks (every other Monday by 12 Noon), so everyone can stay up-to-date, and all are on the same page. Coaches are also responsible for correct information for point totals for each player. The final "Points Total" document will be used as the nomination document for the All-Conference nomination.  That final "Points Total" doc will be due the Sunday evening by 3PM prior to the conference tournament start and redistributed the next day/Monday to coaches.  A required All-Conference coaches teleconference call will be the next day/Tuesday prior to the conference tournament start. All rescheduled/makeup matches after the Sunday due date (Monday matches) are in risk of not being included in the final "Points Total" document if not resubmitted by the coaches. Those can be discussed within the coaches group on the required conference call along with any other issues or special circumstances (injury, academic requirement) which might change the results of the awards.

***To be discussed at upcoming nomination meeting: With similar intent from above policy, if a line-up was submitted with both coaches approval and the match started and clinched, but certain matches weren't completed (because of weather, etc.), those match HALVE point calculations will be based off of the clinched match line-up (not based on the previous match line-up as above). 

Freshman of the Year: The top freshman vote-getter of conference members using the same procedure and time frame as Player of the Year.

  • A student-athlete should qualify only if this is the first collegiate institution attended.
  • It is the student-athlete’s first year of competition (academic sophomores/redshirt freshmen are eligible as long as they took a redshirt year at the same member institution). 
  • Any transfer exception is not applicable (e.g., a student-athlete who transfers from an institution but did not play a sport is still not eligible for award).
  • Nominators have the responsibility to make sure all qualifications are met. 

All-Tournament: Coaches will select the All-Tournament Team as follows:

First place - MVP plus two All-Tournament

Second place - Two All-Tournament

Third and fourth place - One All-Tournament each

Student-Athlete Pledge of Sportsmanship Form (Reminder to be signed by each student-athlete during preseason and filed in each institution’s athletics department.)