Coaches Group:

Required Off Season Meeting/Call Date: Tues. 9/18/18 -10am (along with Indoor & XC)
Required Pre-Championship Meet Conference Call: Thursday, April 18, 2019 12:00 noon -group requested August 2019 in-person meeting/lunch at BAC/LC
Link to: Coaches Group Procedures and Requirements 
Link to: Sport Chair Report Form

Committee Chairperson: Greg Thiel, SWU 
Athletic Director Liaison: Dustin Fuls, NGU

Link to: XC & Track & Field Tournament Handbook (Rvsd 2018-19 Season)

Championship Dates - The outdoor track and field championships will be held Friday & Saturday of the weekend prior to final exams of those member institutions. If needed Sunday will serve as a rain date. The awards ceremony will be held during/following the event with a hospitality area for all participants during the meet.

Championshps: Friday & Saturday, April 26-27
Hosted by: Southern Wesleyan University for 2017, 2018, & 2019.
Hosted by: Mount Olive University for 2020 & 2021.

Championship Sites - To be bid upon by member institutions. All should be fully aware of the responsibilities of hosting, i.e. providing facility, timing, officials, volunteers, etc.

Tournament Format - Teams have from the beginning of the indoor track and field season to qualify marks for the conference championships.  Marks must be verified and submitted through SID stat system. The spirit of the Conference Carolinas Track & Field guidelines will be to follow the NCAA rulebook as closely as possible in all applicable situations for the Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

Scoring - Rule 7 NCAA Handbook

Admissions Policy: Any sport in which there is an admissions charge, members students with valid ID to be admitted free (except rented facilities off campus). Passed 8-11-04.

Games Committee - Will be designated at a meeting in advance of the championship through the coaches chairperson to include 3 coaches plus 1 conference representative, to work with the host site to handle any championship-related items. The committee membership should rotate yearly with effort of no duplication of institutions on the games committee if possible. 

All-Conference - The winner of each event will be recognized as an All-Conference First Team performer, with the runner-up recognized on the All-Conference Second Team, and the third place performer being recognized on the All-Conference Third Team.

Freshman of the Year/Coach of the Year/Track Athlete MVP and Field Athlete MVP Awards (approved 10/5/18):  Nominees information will be based on points/results/place only, immediately after the completion of the conference championships for indoor and outdoor track.  ALL Head Coaches are required to stay in order to gather and discuss awards quickly and thoroughly.  These awards will then be given out at the awards ceremony following the meet. (See below/attached nomination example.)

  • All head coaches are required to stay for post-meet meeting
  • Each school can nominate up to 1 nominee per award. 
  • In order to be considered, coaches will be required to nominate their nominees within 5 minutes of the meet’s final event to a conference official (the league will distribute nomination templates prior to starting meet –either electronically or pre-meet coaches meeting.
  • Nominees information will be based on points/results/place only (see nomination example below). Nominations can ONLY include point totals/stats (no write-ups or commentary will be included).
  • Nominees will be discussed & compiled openly ASAP following final event (where coaches vote openly & immediately) at a required post-meet meeting. This would be the time where all coaches verify each other’s nominating/voting procedures.
  • Note that athletes who accumulate points in other events are eligible to be nominated if so desired with the caveat that they must be nominated in the category where they tallied the MOST points.  For example John Doe gets 8 combined points in track & 6 combined points in field.  He is eligible for nomination ONLY for Track MVP where he scored the MOST points, but his total cumulative 14 points from both the track & field events should/would be included.
  • Currently any relay/team points will NOT be used for individual totals (until coaches can decide if applicable and propose a unanimously agreed upon formula for the future).

(Coaches Note to discuss preseason: Upon AD approval of the above policy they wanted to make sure coaches are aware of the complicated post event logistics and timing/meeting/collection of nominees and coaches coming back together to vote in-person. Noted it must be a true commitment of ALL coaches to STAY throughout meet & awards entirety (meaning some teams can't leave ASAP after final event) and work together as a coaches group to insure best interest of group. Conference can’t police folks from leaving while preparing final awards ceremony, collecting nominations, and getting coaches to meet to vote in person. Concern about what if a team leaves and we don’t get a final voting ballot from a coach/team/teams? With immediate announcement, votes will have to be valid and agreed upon by coaches. Indoor will be smoother, but for Outdoor there won’t be as much conference administration with staff spread throughout other conference championships going on the same weekend.)

Freshman of the Year: The top freshman vote-getter of the members using the same procedure and time frame as Player of the Year.

FOTY Qualifications: (approved 10/5/18 to start 1/1/19)
(Fall Sports for 2018 will continue to follow the past policy of "True Freshmen" Only)

  1. Student-athlete should qualify only if this is the first collegiate institution they have attended.
  2. It is the student-athletes first year of competition. (Academic sophmores/redshirt freshmen are eligible, as long as took redshirt at same member school.) 
  3. The student-athlete is not applicable for any transfer exceptions. (Exp. Student transfers from a school but didn't play a sport, still not eligible for award.)
  4. Nominators have the responsibility to make sure all qualifications are met. 

Using the above standards, ALL nominations must be written-in by each representing institution to the following  specifications: Nominations are due by 12Noon Tuesday and must be specified to nominate for either Track MVP, Field MVP, or Freshman of the Year (Coaches of the Year are all automatically nominated.)  Nominees CAN NOT be nominated for both Track & Field and MUST be specified in the nominations on which one to be nominated for (in the category they scored the most combined points). All nominations CAN only include point totals/stats (no write-ups or commentary will be included).

Write-In nomination example for FIELD MVP ":
 Name:__________John Doe__________ School:_______Univ. Of ConfCarolinas___

Total COMBINED Points: ________24___________
Total Track Points: ______________8___________
Total Field Points: ______________16___________

Event & Place: __High Jump: 3rd Place_____ Points for this Event Only:____ 6____

Event & Place: __Long Jump: 1st Place_____ Points for this Event Only:____10____

Event & Place: __Mile: 2nd Place___________ Points for this Event Only:____8____

Event & Place: ________________________ Points for this Event Only:_________

Event & Place: ________________________ Points for this Event Only:_________

Event & Place: ________________________ Points for this Event Only:_________

Points Key:

10 - 1st Place/Winner

8 - 2nd Place/Runner-up 

6- 3rd Place

5 - 4th Place

4 - 5th Place

3 - 6th Place

2 - 7th Place

1 - 8th Place


Event Schedule - will closely follow NCAA rulebook and within the host facility's capability. The final schedule should be submitted a month prior for approval by games committee. The order of men's and women's events will alternate each year.

Meet officials - host must provide timing service (FAT), official starter, back-up starter, and at least 3 certified USA Track and Field officials for the purpose of officiating the running events and  field events. The host must also secure certified athletic trainers.

Coaches Meetings - 1) A coaches conference call meeting will be held at a predetermined date prior to the conference meet's opening session.  2) An annual required coaches meeting will also be scheduled each year through the conference office by the coaches chair. 3) A required post Conference Championship meeting will be held immediately after meet completion to nominate and vote on FreshmanOTY/CoachOTY/Track AOTY/Field AOTY award winners. 

Certification of Implements - all competition implements will be certified in accordance with NCAA rules. The implementation certification period should be one to two hours in length and should take place before competition starts each day.

Inclement Weather- in case of weather that could be dangerous to participants, the Meet Director will decide when to suspend the competition. The games committee will decide when to resume competition and any change in format or site.

Competitor Limit - there will be a max of 5 athletes from each school who sponser T&F in each event in the championship meet.  These athletes do not have to have previous marks, but must have a seed time to be seeded.

Non-sponsored schools are not able to compete -5/20/14.

Field Events - 4 attempts per field events

Reporting - Results of weekly meets should be reported by noon on Tuesday via 'Sports Systems Services' website through each schools personal login page.  Per coaches agreement, if results are not posted by the prescribed deadline, results will not be included for conference statistical/ranking purposes.

Players of the Week - Will be awarded for both a male and female 'Track' athlete and 'Field' athlete (4 total per week).  The POTW will be for the outdoor season only, to continue through the league outdoor t&f championships.

Multiple Sport Policies: Link to League Mutiple Sport Policy

Media Policy Regarding Officials: Link to Conference Media Policy

Delay of Game Policy: Link to:  Delayed Game Conference Policy

Visiting Team Expectations: Link to Visiting Team Expectations

Ejection Policy: When a player or team party member is ejected both the team's coach and (if a league opponent) the opposing coach are to notify their Athletic Director upon completion of the contest.  The  Athletic Director will immediately notify the conference office and subsequently complete and submit to the league office the Ejection Report Form found on the web. The conference office will notify each member president immediately when notified of an ejection.

A coach ejected for an "unsporting act" will be cautioned by the institution’s Athletic Director or immediate superior in a form provided by the conference. Copies of cautions and suspensions will be provided to the institution’s President, FAR, the Supervisor of Officials and the Commissioner. A second ejection in the same year will, minimally, carry a next game suspension. A third ejection in the same year will, minimally, carry a next two games suspension. End of year suspensions will be carried forward to the next year.
Ejected coaches must leave sight of the playing field/floor when ejected. If the ejected coach does not comply in a timely manner, the game is forfeited.

Student Sportsmanship Pledge Form & Link (Reminder to be signed by each student athlete during preseason and filed in schools athletic department)