Conference Carolinas Sportsmanship Requirements

NCAA Statement (NCAA Bylaw 10.1.1)

Individuals employed by (or associated with) a member institution to administer, conduct or coach intercollegiate athletics, and all participating student-athletes, shall deport themselves with honesty and sportsmanship at all times so that intercollegiate athletics as a whole, their institutions and they, as individuals, shall represent the honor and dignity of fair play and the generally recognized high standards associated with wholesome competitive sports.

Conference Carolinas Sportsmanship Statement

The Presidents, Faculty Athletics Representatives, Athletics Directors, Senior Women Administrators and coaches in the conference are committed to maintaining sportsmanship and healthy competitive environments. The conference will strive to promote environments that are hospitable; the conference does not believe that it is desirable to create a hostile environment for intercollegiate athletic contests. The members believe that part of the mission of intercollegiate athletic programs, within an educational context, should be to set an example for students and communities of how to act with sportsmanship and respect for opponents.

Therefore, Conference Carolinas expects all participants to treat opponents and officials with respect. Failure to do so may lead to penalties. Trash talking, taunting, baiting, celebrations that demean opponents, vulgar or profane language, intimidating actions, fighting, attempts to injure, and any other malicious or violent conduct may be penalized by contest officials and/or the conference. At the same time, the conference has no desire to take away the joy and exuberance that naturally occurs following an exciting play or contest. Rather, the intent of the conference is to encourage sportsmanship and honest competition.

Pre-game Public Address Announcement

Conference Carolinas and (this institution) encourage and promote sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches, and spectators. Profanity, racial or ethnic comments, or other intimidating actions directed at officials, student athletes, coaches, or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the site of competition.

Conference Carolinas Student-Athlete Pledge of Sportsmanship

As a Conference Carolinas student-athlete, I understand that the use of inappropriate language, taunting, baiting or the use of unwarranted physical contact, directed at opposing players, coaches, or fans are contrary to the spirit of fair play and the sportsmanship the conference expects of its members. I understand that any unsportsmanlike action during the course of a contest may result in immediate penalty assessed to my team or me. Furthermore, I understand that game officials have been instructed that they may assess such penalties without prior warning. In signing this form I pledge my efforts to promote conference sportsmanship policies.

Student Sportsmanship Pledge Form & Link (Reminder to be signed by each student athlete during preseason and filed in schools athletic department)

Conference Carolinas Officials Sportsmanship Statement to Captains

Conference Carolinas requires officials to enforce all rules regarding unsportsmanlike conduct by players and coaches. Specifically trash talking, taunting, baiting, celebrations that demean opponents, vulgar or profane language may be penalized without warning. Fighting or other malicious conduct will result in ejection. Coaches may not protest a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. We have been instructed that it is not necessary to issue warnings during the contest. It is strongly suggested that you remind your team of this policy.