The mission of Conference Carolinas is to organize and promote high-quality intercollegiate athletic opportunities among its member institutions that enhance the educational experience of all of their students.


Conference Carolinas believes that:
  • athletics is an integral part of the educational experience of students,
  • athletic competition should be conducted within an environment that promotes fair play and sportsmanship, and
  • presidents play an integral role in determining the direction and operations of the Conference.

Conference Carolinas is committed to the NCAA Division II purpose that emphasizes a comprehensive program for achieving academic success, participating in high-level athletic competition, and developing an understanding of personal, moral and social responsibility.


Conference Carolinas is committed to becoming a distinctive NCAA Division II conference where the student-athletes at its member institutions live their lives in the balance through the attainment of high standards of both academic and athletic achievement. 


Strategic Goals

1. Position Conference Carolinas to better respond to emerging directives from the NCAA:
  • Analyze and communicate current trends and future directions of the NCAA as they pertain to the conference and its member institution
  • Adopt best practices within Division II and among conferences as appropriate
  • Determine the optimal size of the conference and develop a plan to achieve it through discussions with other DII conferences and/or institutions
  • Encourage the participation of persons from Conference Carolinas on national and regional committees.
2. Enhance the perception and value of Conference Carolinas among members and other constituencies:  
  • Identify the uniquely distinctive characteristics of Conference Carolinas and create a unified strategy to disseminate those characteristics
  • Advertise the accomplishments of Conference Carolinas and its members institutions annually among 24 Division II conferences as measured by such metrics as Academic Success Rate (ASR), graduation rates, All-American selections, Academic All-American selections, campus-based recognitions, and success in regional and national competitions
  • Publicize the success of our former students-athletes in their chosen careers
  • Increase the focus on sportsmanship and character development initiatives at member institutions and at all competitions
  • Expand coverage and garner external support of Conference Carolinas in various media outlets
3. Promote the championships experience
  • Determine ways to provide an exemplary championship experience for student-athletes
  • Assess the potential of adding emerging sports and provide recommendations of which sports offerings should be offered within the conference.