Final Indoor Track Championship Results (All-Conference Teams, POTY, FOTY, MVP Awards)

High Point, NC - The first Conference Carolinas Indoor Track Championship was held on Saturday February, 16, 2013.


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The results are below:

2013 Conference Carolinas Overall Indoor Championship Awards

Women's Awards:

Freshman of the Year: Lucy Schmitz | Belmont Abbey College

Track Athlete of the Year: Hannah Whitt | King University 

Field Athlete of the Year: Aerostata Brown | Mount Olive College

Coach of the Year: Peter Dalton, King University

Conference Championship Runner-Up: Queens University of Charlotte

2013 Conference Champions: King University 


Female Team Scores:

Place School Points

1 King KITN 139

2 Queens (N.C.) QUEE 73

3 Mount Olive MTOL 62

4 Lees-McRae LEMC 54

T-5 Limestone LIME 53

T-5 Barton BART 53

7 Belmont Abbey BELM 27

8 North Greenville NOSC 22

Total 483.00


Men's Awards:

Co - Freshman of the Year: Mark Watts | North Greenville University

Co - Freshman of the Year: Dylan Lafond | Mount Olive College

Track Athlete of the Year: Freddie Martino | North Greenville University

Field Athlete of the Year: Ryan Campbell | Mount Olive College

Coach of the Year: Peter Dalton, King University


Conference Championship Runner-Up: Limestone College

2013 Conference Champions: King University 


Male Team Scores:

Place School Points

1 King KITN 110

2 Limestone LIME 103

3 North Greenville NOSC 87

4 Mount Olive MTOL 86

5 Lees-McRae LEMC 51

6 Queens (N.C.) QUEE 25

7 Belmont Abbey BELM 20

8 Barton BART 6

Total 488.00

Women's All Conference Teams:

First Team All Conference:

Aerostata Brown | Mount Olive (Women 60 Meter Dash)

Lanneickia Brewton | King  (Women 200 Meter Dash)

Hewitt, Kimone | Queens   (Women 400 Meter Dash)

Hewitt, Kimone | Queens (Women 800 Meter Run)

Schmitz, Lucy | Belmont Abbey (Women 1 Mile Run)

Witt, Hannah | King (Women 3000 Meter Run)

Witt, Hannah | King (Women 5000 Meter Run)

Sampson, Becky | Limestone (Women 60 Meter Hurdles)

Stewart, Maya | Paige, Andreini | Campbell, Avis | Altieri, Jenny | Limestone (Women 4x400 Meter Relay)

Sokol, Kendra | Todt, Callie | Griffith, Carly | Beauvaus, Danielle | King (Women Distance Medley)

Curry, Kortnie | Lees-McRae (Women High Jump)

Moorhead, Taryn | Lees-McRae (Women Pole Vault)

Brown, Aerostata Mount | Olive (Women Long Jump)

Aerostata Brown | Mount Olive (Women Triple Jump)

Brown, Jaynell | Mount Olive (Women Shot Put)

Henry, Maegan | King (Women Weight Throw)


Second Team All Conference:

Kittrell, Breyuana | Barton (Women 60 Meter Dash)

Kittrell, Breyuana | Barton (Women 200 Meter Dash)

Thorton, Meagan | Lees-McRae (Women 400 Meter Dash)

Skinner, Ericka | Barton (Women 800 Meter Run)

Witt, Hannah | King (Women 1 Mile Run)

Schmitz, Lucy | Belmont Abbey (Women 3000 Meter Run)

Young, Rosa | Queens (N.C.) (Women 5000 Meter Run)

Thorton, Meagan | Lees-McRae (Women 60 Meter Hurdles)

Todt, Callie | Westbrook, Atlanta | Ruth, Ashley | Brewton, Lanneickia | King (Women 4x400 Meter Relay)

Sizemore, Audrey | Carter, Kierra | Blackwell, Taylor | Timboni, Mathilde | Queens (N.C.) (Women Distance Medley)

Burchfield, Shelbie | King (Women High Jump)

Monday, Sarah | Lees-McRae (Women Pole Vault)

Westbrook, Atlanta | King (Women Long Jump)

Rodriguez, Zorayda | Barton (Women Triple Jump)

Henry, Maegan | King (Women Shot Put)

Cunningham, Amber | Limestone (Women Weight Throw)


Third Team All Conference:

Brewton, Lanneickia | King (Women 60 Meter Dash)

Nelson, Tia | King (Women 200 Meter Dash)

Altieri, Jenny | Limestone (Women 400 Meter Dash)

Skolubowicz, Emilia | Queens (N.C.) (Women 800 Meter Run)

Skolubowicz, Emilia | Queens (N.C.) (Women 1 Mile Run)

Young, Rosa | Queens (N.C.) (Women 3000 Meter Run)

Skolubowicz, Emilia | Queens (N.C.) (Women 5000 Meter Run)

Matthews, Qwaneshia | Limestone (Women 60 Meter Hurdles)

Robinson, Alexandria | Kittrell, Breyuana | Cook, Zoey | Barbour, Cimone | Barton (Women 4x400 Meter Relay)

Jordan, Christina | Spence, Dorna | Thomas, Daisy | Bucek, Megan | Mount Olive (Women Distance Medley)

Mcrae, Persephanie | Lees-McRae (Women High Jump)

Brewton, Lanneickia | King (Women Long Jump)

Westbrook, Atlanta | King (Women Triple Jump)

Chancellor, Raivyn | North Greenville (Women Shot Put)

Arnold, Melissa | King (Women Weight Throw)


Men's All Conference Teams

First Team All Conference:

Beasley, Luke | Limestone (Men 60 Meter Dash)

Martino, Freddie | North Greenville University  (Men 200 Meter Dash)

Watts, Mark | North Greenville University (Men 400 Meter Dash)

Perignon, Tristan | Limestone (Men 800 Meter Run)

Lafond, Dylan | Mount Olive (Men 1 Mile Run)

Lafond, Dylan | Mount Olive (Men 3000 Meter Run)

Townsend, Alex | Queens (N.C.)  (Men 5000 Meter Run)

Manning, Jordan | Limestone (Men 60 Meter Hurdles)

Williams, Jonathan | Simms, Jacob| Watts, Mark| Martino, Freddie | North Greenville (Men 4x400 Meter Relay)

Gill, Tim | Louis, Steph-Yves | Caulley, Ryan | Stewart, Dustin | Belmont Abbey (Men Distance Medley)

Manning, Jordan | Limestone (Men High Jump)

Webb, Evan | Lees-McRae (Men Pole Vault)

Stuart, Forrest | Mount Olive (Men Long Jump)

Ouzts, Westley | Limestone (Men Triple Jump)

Campbell, Ryan | Mount Olive (Men Shot Put)

Mackey, Devan | Lees-McRae (Men Weight Throw)


Second Team All Conference:

Martino, Freddie | North Greenville University (Men 60 Meter Dash)

Newring, Justin | King (Men 200 Meter Dash)

Newring, Justin | King (Men 400 Meter Dash)

Sgaglio, Cord | Limestone (Men 800 Meter Run)

Noe, Jordan | King (Men 1 Mile Run)

Townsend, Alex | Queens (N.C.) (Men 3000 Meter Run)

Sturgill, Ronnie | Mount Olive (Men 5000 Meter Run)

Tolliver, Travis | Limestone (Men 60 Meter Hurdles)

Warren, Reggie | Newring, Justin | Edgecombe, Alson | Tippens, Jordan | King (Men 4x400 Meter Relay)

Wamer, Ravon | Williams, Jonathan | Simms, Jacob | Nesbitt, Ahmad | North Greenville University (Men Distance Medley)

Henry, Khalil | Limestone (Men High Jump)

Scott, Paul | Lees-McRae (Men Pole Vault)

McAdam, Nick | Mount Olive (Men Long Jump)

Moore, Joktan | King (Men Triple Jump)

Gilzeen, Dwight | Lees-McRae (Men Shot Put)

Jackson, Sebastian | Mount Olive (Men Weight Throw)


Third Team All Conference:

Warren, Reggie | King (Men 60 Meter Dash)

Watts, Mark | North Greenville University  (Men 200 Meter Dash)

Warren, Reggie | King (Men 400 Meter Dash)

Simms, Jacob | North Greenville (Men 800 Meter Run)

Davis, Michael | Lees-McRae (Men 1 Mile Run)

Kitagawa, Akiharu | Mount Olive (Men 3000 Meter Run)

Frantom, Spencer | King (Men 5000 Meter Run)

Stuart, Forrest | King (Men 60 Meter Hurdles)

Stanley, Brandon | Tolliver, Travis | Perignon, Tristan | Griffin, Jeremy | Limestone (Men 4x400 Meter Relay)

Noe, Jordan | Tippens, Jordan | Smith, Jordan | Swiney, Brent | King (Men Distance Medley)

Watkins, Jared North | Greenville (Men High Jump)

Carr, Jacob | North Greenville (Men Pole Vault)

Martino, Freddie | North Greenville University (Men Long Jump)

McAdam, Nick | Mount Olive (Men Triple Jump)

Kyle, Trevor | Barton (Men Shot Put)

Campbell, Ryan | Mount Olive (Men Weight Throw)